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10 Benefits of Installing a Fence Around Your Home

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Installing a fence around your home can provide a number of benefits that end up returning your small investment tenfold. So, if you’re considering installing a fence around your home, or are planning a renovation project, Geraldton Fencing Services is here to help you decide with our list of benefits of installing a fence around your home.

10 Benefits of Installing a Fence Around Your Home

Increased Security

A fence around your home can act as a deterrent, letting potential intruders know that there are people living in the home and that the property is being monitored.  For instance, our Colorbond and aluminium are not only very durable fences but are also a great alternative to timber fences when it comes to security, as they are much harder to climb by scheming swipers.

Improved Curb Appeal

A well-maintained fence can add a touch of style and sophistication to your home’s exterior, improving its overall curb appeal. You can instantly elevate your home’s look with a beautiful, rustic timber fence, or if you want a more industrial, sleek look, you can do that with an aluminium or Colorbond fence instead.

Enhanced Privacy

A fence can also boost your family’s privacy, as it creates a physical barrier from prying eyes and nosy neighbours, allowing you to enjoy your home and outdoor space without worry. If you want maximum privacy fences, opt for fences like Colorbond for your sides and backyard to completely block out outsiders from looking in your windows.

Increased Property Value

Aside from boosting your property’s curb appeal, installing a fence can also increase the value of your home, as fences make properties more attractive to potential buyers.  This early investment would certainly pay for itself should you plan to move and sell your home in the future.

Added Protection from the Elements

A fence can be an excellent way to add another layer of protection to your outdoor space, this time from natural elements like wind, rain, or the sun during the long summers.

Enhanced Outdoor Living Space

You won’t have to worry about letting your hair down and napping on the lawn chair when you have a fence. With a sturdy privacy fence, you have the freedom and confidence to style your yard as an extension of your house without worrying about what the neighbours might think.

Pet Containment

A fence can provide a safe and secure area for your pets to play and exercise, while also keeping them from wandering off. If you don’t want your fence to obstruct your view and have smaller pets, you can opt for shorter aluminium fences instead.

Noise Reduction

Having a fence around your home not only helps you get peace of mind from the added security and privacy, it can also make your home a more relaxing place by reducing noise from outside, such as traffic or other neighbouring homes. Solid material fences like Colorbond are excellent noise-reducing barriers.

Added Decorative Appeal

A fence can add a decorative touch to your home’s exterior, making it more attractive and inviting. You can even make it an extension of your garden – have shrubs envelop your short aluminium fence, or beautiful ivy climb up your Colorbond fence. Putting up Christmas decorations will be easy as pie when you have a fence you can easily hang them from.

Increased Safety for Kids

Fret not about having your kids run around your yard and getting too close to the road when you have a fence around your home, keeping them as well as your pets safe from harm.

So, whether you decide to have a fence around your home so you can sell it at a higher value in the future, or if it’s to keep your family and pets safe, let us help you with your fencing needs. At Geraldton Fencing Services, we specialize in installing a variety of fences, including aluminium, Colorbond, and timber. Our experienced Geraldton fencer can help you choose the right fence for your home, ensuring that it meets your needs and budget.